Projects in NM asking for video clips

Lots of opportunity to submit short clips and photos to great productions coming out of New Mexico, including the Life in New Mexico project sponsored by NM Film Foundation, and FoFVA own Quirky View production. Some of us spent this Brrrr weekend shooting for both projects, as deadlines have been extended. Details on our sites.

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Productions Begins

Jacqueline in her quirky view finest

Jacqueline in her quirky view finest

Friends of Film and Video Arts is excited to announce a new partnership with Quirky View Media. We’ve already gone through our first production to work out the kinks and start drafting a manual.

Camera set up

DSC00453We are grateful for the opportunity to bring motivated people the chance to learn hands-on film production right here in Albuquerque.


2015-08-01 12.09.59

Come out to the state fair parade September 12 to learn how to “Get your quirk on!”

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What’s happening for the summer

FOFVA celebrated Short films at the April 19 meeting. Insightful conversations and great movies filled the day. Now It’s time to sink all our energies into getting the next phase of FOFVA. We are making big plans, and big changes are afoot. Keep checking in with us to see where we’re at in this transition period. We want to thank all our members past and present for all they have done to make FOFVA what it is and for giving us the ability to morph into something new. We appreciate you all!! We’ll see you soon as the new and improve FOFVA!

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Factual Entertainment Feb Meeting

Anatomy of  a “factual entertainment” TV pilot. Come walk through the steps of producing this pilot. Using  23 minute Quirky View pilot for this presentation, Producer Anne Stirling  will workshop you through the planning and steps from pitching to delivering a half hour pilot Quirky View for TV broadcast.
What are the key elements and segments you need in a pilot to demonstrate what a Series could look like?
What about graphics? Music?
 Stirling’s dream is for Quirky View to be a series with a broad audience, produced in NM by 100s of professionals in the film business, willing to work in a cooperative business model, to create stories about real people, not reality people.
 There is so much more to making a pilot.
2015-02-15 18.01.09

Finalizing steps on how to create the business plan side by side with community outreach. FOFVA is growing and changing day by day. Big meeting, big steps, stop by and see if FOFVA is for you.

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The Story Arc Jan Meeting

We had a great meeting in January. As you may have seen on the Facebook page, an Artic Wolf visited us. What a beautiful creature and positive way to start out our meeting.

2015-01-18 15.13.20

The writer’s panel held an in-depth discussion on the arc of a story. First we had the privilege of watching “Storytelling in Documentaries” A FOFVA production. Then we discussed how story arcs play into everything that we read and watch. The Hero’s Journey, how a character grows and changes throughout the story matters and how to “Oh, no” moment can make the story. Rebecca was kind enough to make this wonderful chart explaining how these intuitive steps work.

2015-01-18 17.03.23

We also were updated on what the core group developing the cooperative model was doing and where they needed input.

2015-01-18 17.03.14

Moving forward, keeping up the momentum to change the world of film production that we can all use.

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