FoFVA is a’changing.  But then what isn’t?

In 2004, FoFVA was a rare organization that gathered indie filmmakers together interested in finding out what others were working on, how to get a gig, share equipment tips, learn skills or work to get more experience. We did that successfully for over 10 years, and 150 collaborations later.

New Mexico now has numerous film media organizations to serve our talented independent filmmaking community. Education, networking and production training opportunities are more plentiful than when FoFVA began in 2004. That gives FoFVA the chance to re-imagine her part in how to best contribute to film media in New Mexico in ways that work for everyone.

FoFVA founding member, Anne Stirling now serves on the 2016-2018 Board of NM Women in Film. She has always been interested to cross pollinate and partner efforts among organizations on behalf of our filmmaking community.

As always, we encourage great producing collaborations all around the state!

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