Factual Entertainment Feb Meeting

Anatomy of  a “factual entertainment” TV pilot. Come walk through the steps of producing this pilot. Using  23 minute Quirky View pilot for this presentation, Producer Anne Stirling  will workshop you through the planning and steps from pitching to delivering a half hour pilot Quirky View for TV broadcast.
What are the key elements and segments you need in a pilot to demonstrate what a Series could look like?
What about graphics? Music?
 Stirling’s dream is for Quirky View to be a series with a broad audience, produced in NM by 100s of professionals in the film business, willing to work in a cooperative business model, to create stories about real people, not reality people.
 There is so much more to making a pilot.
2015-02-15 18.01.09

Finalizing steps on how to create the business plan side by side with community outreach. FOFVA is growing and changing day by day. Big meeting, big steps, stop by and see if FOFVA is for you.

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